The Rules And Terms of Privacy


1. General provisions

1.1. This document describing the rights and obligations of sides (hereinafter in the text – “Rules”) is a legally binding document that determines your (hereinafter in the text – “You”) and INYDU (hereinafter – “Portal”) mutual rights, duties, and obligations.

2. Moment of the contract/agreement conclusion

2.1. The Agreement between You and Portal is considered as concluded at the registration moment in a portal.

2.2. Concluding the agreement, you confirm the provided information in writing form on: terms of privacy, terms on paid services, and account terms of use.

3. Your rights

3.1. You have the right to benefit from the provided functions at portal, communicate and interact with other users, according to established order.

3.2. You have the right, without specifying any reasons, not to use paid or free of charge services provided by portal.

4. Your obligations

4.1. To accept ordered services; paying for them in advance with an agreed price.

4.2. To renew your personal data if it has changed compared to that which was entered during registration.

4.3. You agree that selecting settlement/billing in electronic way the data of your incomes, billing tools would be check at respective data bases.

4.4. By using this portal, you agree with these rules and should follow them.

5. Portal rights

5.1. If any user tries do a harm to portal processes or its stable running, we have the right and authority to limit or stop the access to use portal and deactivate the registration.

5.2. The Portal may be suspended or terminated without prior notice.

5.3. Unilaterally, portal can change the terms and rules.

5.4. Portal administration does not return paid cash, unless paid services get terminated for a fault of administration.

6. Portal obligations

6.1. To create suitable conditions for you to use the portal services properly.

6.2. To provide advertising services or paid services of membership during the determined period.

6.3. In case of appearance of extra reasons and having no possibility to provide ordered services portal commits to offer analogical services. If you do not require such service, portal will return your paid cash.

7. Terms of Service

7.1. Paid services start to provide immediately.

7.2. All service fees are to paid in advance.

7.3. You must immediately inform on unproperly/unduly provided services to portal administration within paid service validation period.

7.4. After your paid service validation is finished, it is considered that services were provided properly and You have no any claims.

7.5. You should immediately report inappropriate or offensive content, or irrelevant information to portal administration by e-mail:

8. Responsibility

8.1. You are completely responsible to submit true and correct data in registration application form. If You do not submit true data at registration application form, the portal can not carry responsibility for any possible consequences. You also responsible for your activities on portal.

8.2. You are responsible for authentication code transmission to a third party. If a third party uses your authentication code, you are held responsible for any actions of the third party.

8.3. Portal does not carry the responsibility for provided information by other companies or persons at websites even you get in these websites through the links of Portal.

8.4. In case of damage, the fault side has to compensate appeared losses to other side.

9. Sending of Information

9.1.Portal corresponds all the messages to e-mail address provided in your registration application form.

9.2. You may send all messages and questions to e-mail address:

10. Final provisions

10.1 All disputes/disagreements appeared by managing these rules are expected to be solved in way of negotiations. In case agreement fails, all the disputes/ disagreements are to be referred to a court of the Republic of Lithuania. Disputes caused by these rules are under jurisdiction of the court address of portal administration. 


Unless otherwise specified by a certain product, INYDU subscriptions are not returnable after purchase. If you cancel your subscription while your subscription is still active, you will not receive a refund for the current subscription’s fees.

If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us.


1. General provisions

The following Terms of Privacy (hereinafter in the text - "terms") regulates the main principles and an order, based on which the internet portal (hereinafter in the text - "we") is managing the data of registered users/members (hereinafter in the text – “you”) that belongs to portal (hereinafter – “portal”).

2. Submission rules for registration

At registration application form, you should submit exhaustive, truthful and correct information. If the personal or other information at registration application form is inaccurate, false or deceptive, we have the right to annul your registration and erase your data or restrict your access to the portal.

We acknowledge and respect every person who visit portal and their rights of privacy. We collect and use the members data (name, surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address, other required/submitted data) for the following reasons:

  • To provide correct and truthful information about you and your business intentions;
  • To solve problems connected with provision of portal services;
  • To fulfill other contractual obligations.

All the data delivered to a portal is processed by safe means that secure such data from misuse, disclosure or other unlawful actions.

Your non sensitive personal data may by used for statistic purposes. Such statistic data collection will not be directly or indirectly determined your personal identification. We reserve the right to transfer statistical data to a third party.

3. Personal data transfer to a third party

We have the right to transfer an information to a third party in achieving aims arranged in article 2.

We do not transfer your personal data to a third party without your direct consent, except the circumstances provided by law of Republic of Lithuania.

4. Personal data change or update/renewal

You have the right to change and update/renew the information submitted on registration application form.

We need to have full, exhaustive and updated information about you for efficient fulfillment of your demands and expectations.

5. Information and claim transmission

All messages on your personal data management are to be submitted by e-mail to:

The answer should be given in the provided form.

6. Personal data management

You agree that the personal data you voluntarily provide on the registration application form would be processed based on these rules.

7. The changing of the rules

We have the right to partially or completely change the terms of privacy by prior announcement on portal.

While you use the portal, we assume that you are aware and have agreed to possible changes made on terms of the amendment.

8. Final provisions

Law of the Republic of Lithuania is applicable to portal terms of privacy.

Any disputes concerning the term enforcement are dealt by negotiations. In case of agreement failing the disputes are solving by the Law of Republic of Lithuania.